Grouped zones - what am I missing?

Wanted to group the sound coming from my Surface Pro (roon control / output) with the sound coming from my ROCK core Connected to USB DAC.

Grouping remains greyed out. Even tried my iPhone which again, is a roon endpoint, and no grouping available.

All three zones are using room advanced audio transport as their playback method. No airplay, chromecast or otherwise going on.

Am I missing something?

If they are set to exclusive mode, you can’t group them.

Actually seems you can, as that wasn’t the issue. Your forcing me to go look at the exclusive mode slider made me realise I had the surface set as a private zone. That off and everything worked (even with exclusive mode ticked)

Thanks for getting me looking in the right place though!

So many settings!

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Sorry I was away from home so couldn’t look, you are right I meant private zone but wrote exclusive :slight_smile::slight_smile:

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Then why didn’t you write “exclusive zone” in your original post? It’s okay to admit you were wrong instead of saying you made a typing error…

Here’s a fuller explanation then…
I could see the setting in my head and knew it was the setting that wouldn’t allow inclusion but couldn’t remember the name so wrote exclusive down. However on seeing Private could see that was the correct name.
I’m not sure why you feel the need to critique my behaviour but I hope this explanation satisfies your inner turmoil.:slight_smile:

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