Grouping but keeping single speaker


it would be nice if the grouped speaker in a zone also could be used as single speaker. Now I have to group and ungroup the speaker everytime if I want single or multiroom music. After grouping the single speaker disappears.


A+B Zone Ground Floor
A Kitchen
B Living Room

Please make all of the three possible without the grouping/ungrouping action.


Me too. It’s annoying having to group / ungroup devices all the time. And it seems so simple to do it.

Agreed an option to play to grouped or the single zone would be great.

There have been numerous Feature Requests on this topic. Please add your comments to one of those.

The most important thread to read, imho, is this one. Its not long and provides insight.

This would be a welcome option. Grouped Zones whilst maintaining the individual zones. Thanks!

Possible solution: zone aliases?