Grouping files issue

Maybe this has been discussed before but I can’t find any record of it.

I have a bunch of mp3 files files that I bought from various sources. They are all tagged with correct metdata like , artist, title, album etc etc. I created a folder on my server which is my Roon library and put all these files there. But the problem is that the files won’t show up in Roon Overview under the folder name I created. They all show up in my Overview as albums of it’s own. I guess the issue is that the metadata is making this. I know there is a group edit possibilty in Roon but making this for +500 songs will take forever.

So is there any quick way of editing the metadata inside Roon so they all will be grouped like a compilation of it’s own? My idea was to make it Various Artist-“Title”.

Or should I try to change the metadata in an external software?

Thanks in advance for all input on this.

I’d just bookmark them, then they will all show up when the bookmark is selected.
You could select them all and group them into a single album. Merge Albums…

Thanks for the input Chris. I’m actually having problem finding the single tracks. They won’t show up at all even if they’re on the server in my Roon folder.

Have you tried just putting one track in the main folder and see if it shows up.

I tried to add individually and in bulk in the main folder. I even tried adding them in a subfolder with no luck. I also made a new Library and added them there with no luck. One of the times I uploaded, they showed up in the Overview for a few seconds with artwork and all, and then in next second they’re gone.

Are they Hidden somehow, Have you set Roon to Show hidden albums?

Yes it’s set to show hidden albums.

They actually showed up now when I did a new import. The queestion now is how to group them the easiest way? I tried the Focus thing but it won’t work because there are various dates to consider. And when I set only mp3’s, it wouldn’t find all of the files actually.

When you say bookmark, do you mean that I individually have to mark all single ones in the Overview? This will be very time consuming.

Guess I found a way now that actually didn’t work the other day. In the Focus/Inspector you could chose Storage. The other day it wouldn’t find my secondary Storage that I added but now it did. I guess all will work fine from here I hope :slight_smile:

Everything will take time but you could merge related tracks tracks into one Album then later bookmark the albums. Merging is quick and easy.
I’m glad you’ve found them now.