Grouping Focus items


Would you consider making it so that Focus items can be grouped together and given a name?
This would enable users to select a resricted view of their library for different purposes and switch quickly between them.
For instance. I am currently working my way through all my actual ripped CDs, putting aside those that I do not wish to include as they are items of curiosity or of a genre that I would wish to group together for different listening sessions.
At present (unless I am mistaken) to do this I have to delete and then recreate Focus groups on-the-fly.
I think it would be useful.

Hi Tom, This is what bookmarks already do. Use focus to highlight all you want , save a new bookmark. This bookmark will also update automatically if you add new content that matches the focus you saved. You just click on the bookmark to go to the focus.

Focus on anything .

Bookmark icon next to my users green avatar

Create one based on current focus or jump to one already made and saved.

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Brilliant! Thanks.
I confess that I have not yet played around much with Bookmarks. It never occured to me that this is one of its functions.
Job done!

For ref Tags are fixed eg to group a box set that will never change, bookmarks are dynamic as @CrystalGipsy indicates