Grouping RAAT zones with Mobile (iOS/Android) Zones

Just adding my voice that being able to group mobile devices (android, Apple) with existing RAAT zones would be very useful and allow me to take my Roon stream outdoors, to the porch, to the workshop - places that no real roon endpoint or component system will ever be. TIA, G

Do you mean group - as in playing in synch with a RAAT zone? If the Mobile is on wifi you can do this already.
Or do you mean something else?

Hey Ged - thanks for reaching out. Yes, the mobile is on wifi. But apparently roon communicates using airplay to it (???) and it will not allow me to group it with existing RAAT zones. What I want to do is take my mobile to, say, the patio, define the local device as an endpoint, pair it with a bluetooth speaker, adn add into the existing high quality zones playing inside. a) it won’t let me and says it must be a rant zone adn b) the support guys told me its airplay and to “add my voice to existing choruses”

Thanks, is there hope?


What sort of phone?

iphone 6s

Hey ged - based on your input i went playing. I was told i could not group it. And indeed grouping was grayed out. But i continued to plow forward and went to “advanced settings” and for some reason “private zone” was checked - that was it. Now i can group it. So why is support and why are moderators telling me it can;t work, is a know issue, and wont happen any time soon?

I dont have time to actually test it yet, but all seems promising. THANK YOU!!!


I was going to private zone next :joy:
To be fair there are so many switches and configs in roon that it is a bit difficult to keep track !!
Anyway, yes that should do it.
I often take my phone and a Bluetooth speaker into the garden when attacking the weeds.

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workshop, garage, parties on the patio…TYTY

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