Grouping Zones and Playback


Hello All

I am enjoying my Roon integration with Bluesound and have a few questions for support.

I am able to group my Bluesound Players Node 2 and Vault 1, but not my Sonos Sound bar cannot be grouped together. I was under the impression we can mix and match players and that is one advantage.

I also have some times Roon loose control of the audio zone when zones are grouped together. This happens some times. Is there a fix coming for this.

I will lay out my network as its now:
Router used - Orbi with one Satellite
IMAC Latest Generation with i7 running Core. This is connected to network via ORBI Satellite hardwired.
Bluesound Node 2 is hard wired to Router.
Bluesound Vault 1 is hard wired to Router as well.



I was under the impression you can link RAAT endpoints and those of the same make. I can Link my Meridian but as it’s not strictly RAAT I cannot them with Bluesound for instance.
Not sure how Sonus fits in here.
Thoughts Chris


Chris - Thanks for that information.

Support - I isolated audio drop off to tracks that are downloaded from hdtracks @24 bit 192kHz. Tracks that are regular cd quality does not suffer from these dropouts. Is there any way to replicate and see what the fix can be.



Sonos integration is a lot like Squeezebox integration. Only those devices can be grouped together. Devices which are running standard RAAT protocol can be grouped together. I do not know about Meridian or Bluesound since I own neither. But Android devices can be grouped with other RAAT zones, for example.

So, Sonos is its own thing and will only group with other Sonos players. Just like Squeezeboxes.



Thank you so much. Bluesound is RAAT bust Sonos is not. Seems I have to replace that.


Now my only question is with dropouts with zoning. Please let me know if you can help.

Is the dropouts on the Sonos or on the Bluesound?


It is on bluesound. Sonos cannot play hi res and would expect roon to downsample and send to Sonos