Groups, Zones, Transfers

We are running main Roon at the Living Room MacMIni. Outputs to hifi via GeekOut DAC.

We have three Apple TV units throughout the house. They can be grouped.

How do I add the main Living Room to the group? That is, from the MacMini, how do I play the same music simultaneously through the Apple TVs that is currently playing on the MacMini?

The Group icon doesn’t appear next to the Living Room MacMini in the Zones window.

Apologie if you’ve answered this before. I couldn’t find this specific question asked before.


I think you can only group zones that are the same type. So all ATV, all Meridian zones, etc.

I suspect it is based on using the same protocols to achieve the sync.


So I can transfer music from playing on my mac mini to an AppleTV Group but macmini itself can’t be playing the same stuff. Is that correct? Doesn’t seem right.

So I would need to have an Apple TV at the macmini location. Output it to my DAC and that would work, right?

Way too MacGyvered.

Must be a simpler way.

But thanks for the info anyway. 'preciate it.

Hey @dbtom2!

We’re looking into what might be possible in the future, but for the moment @ncpl is correct – zone linking is only supported between multiple Meridian endpoints, or between multiple Airplay endpoints.

Sorry for the confusion, and thanks for the feedback!

If I have a soundcard with 8 outputs, I can’t run 4 linked ‘hardwired’ zones?

@dbtom2 You could work around this by installing a software Airplay server on your Mac mini (I’d look at AirServer - – it supports lossless audio).

That way, your Mac mini is seen as a (local) AirPlay device and can be grouped with your other Airplay devices:

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