GUI for Roon Server in same PC

Is it possible to install both Roon Server and Roon on the same PC but only run them one at a time
This is useful if I normally use a tablet for control and thus want to have the “lighter” Roon Server, but sometimes I want to use the PC bigger monitor for editing

run roon server all the time…just run roon when you want to use it on that computer and dont run it as the core ie connect to the roon server core instead.

do you mean that I should run the roon as a remote ?

Actually there is no remote version for Windows. How do I then connect it to another core ?

yes run roon as remote just as you would on any other machine you access the Core on

in roon go to settings and disconnect from the one you think you dont need

you might need to deauthorise the other core if its running

I’m not sure I understand what to do
Currently I’m only running Roon as core
What would be the steps to migrate to the new setup with Roon Server as core

Or install roon server and restore a backup from your current core…probably the better way to do it and in the process testing your backup at the same time. You do do backups right?

It says in the instructions that after renaming the folder and installing Roon Server I should make a fresh Roon installation
Should I first uninstall the current Roon ?

No. You should be able to just go to Settings > General and Disconnect your current Core (which should be the Core running in your original installation of the all-in-one Roon software package).

Then you should see a screen that allows you to connect to your new Roon Server Core (providing that you have started Roon Server).

You may be asked to deauthorise your old Roon Core - go ahead and do that, and your existing Roon software will connect to the new Core.

Thats not working on a Linux PC/server, only if you use it on a Windows machine, or a MAC, but that is for me a not used option.