GUI -- I would like the tracks window to always scroll to current track

When next track starts to play, it would be great if it scrolled into view (if it is not in the visible part of the tracks window already).
Yes, I know it is on the bottom – but is nice to see the ‘surroundings’, especially the ‘parent’.
Additional logic to try to position it in the middle of the screen, or even better to try to fit the ‘parent’ if possible.
If would be a nice improvement to already great user interface.

@Adam_Rosenzweig - what do you exactly mean with “track window”? Maybe you could add a screenshot to clarify?

Depending on which device one uses as a control point there are probably a few improvements waiting to get implemented for scroll behaviour. The question with auto scroll might be if it would always work the way a user expects it; and try to think of the feature in a way that it will not need an on/off switch because for good reason Roonlabs is quite reluctant to offer those.

BTW the Queue does auto scroll AFAIK - but then there one would indeed expect this.

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