Gui on core blacked out

on the 13th day of my free trial, I opted to pay the annual fee. After paying, I returned to the core gui to find every letter blocked over by a black mark out. I tried removing the software and reinstalling to no avail. The remote sottware on my laptop looks and works fine. Please advise

Roon with annual subscription as of July 17

Problem with 32 bit windows core download gui.

operating on a Dell intel 5 32 bit windows 10

Hi, Sounds like a graphics card issue, have you tried rebooting the computer?

yes. I cannot say for sure, but it appear more like I would expect the gui to appear when a free trial had expired without subscription. - No hardware issues on the computer in evidence.

here is a picture

Nothing to do with trial expiry … if that expires you are prompted and just can’t use Roon.

This is typical of a graphics card driver issue, it’s been report before.
Did you try rebooting the computer?
Also check / install the latest driver for the card.