GUI Play button in Daily Mix does nothing [Resolved]

I’m pretty sure I have found a bug in the player GUI. (I use the MacOS version)
If I try to play an album I am able to click the little play button in front of every song, and it starts to play it…
However if I try one of the Daily Mix playlists presented on my home screen (I think this is from Tidal?)
I also get a playlist with the play buttons, but they do absolutely nothing… I can then click on the song titel and select “Play Now” from the menu, and it starts to play the song… but the play buttons do nothing at all here… ?

Surely this must be a bug?


Hi @Heino_Walther, thanks for reaching out! We have a ticket in for this.

Hello @Heino_Walther

Just wanted to reach out to you to update you on the ‘play from here’ button issue in the Daily Mixes. This issue was addressed in our newest release. The play buttons preceding tracks in the Daily Mixes now function as expected. Thank you for brining this to our attention, we appreciate your help.

Full details for Build 831 are available here:

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