GUI: Zone Icon / Switching / Transfer

When I click the RoonSpeaker icon for the current zone I get a strange dialog box where I can switch to another zone, control the volume etc. I think this is a bit clumsy and not very pretty…

How about this:

  1. Click the RoonSpeaker icon => It expands upwards and shows all zones in a list (preferably with icons and names)
  2. I switch control by just selecting the new zone. If I need to change the volume I will after selecting the new zone use the volume menu to the right (which also could pop up a slider like most other apps).
  3. Some where in this RoonSpeakers menu you could also have the "Transfer…: option which now is an ugly little button in the mid left of the page. The “Pause All Zones” could be here (or alternatively as a “Mute All Zones” at the top of the redesigned volume slider).

By keeping as much related functionality as possibly in the same logical place it will be easier and more comfortable to use all features of Roon.

(I do apologise for my lack of artistical skills…)

Hmmm… One would lose the ‘zone control center’ functionality found in the current popup: the ability to pause all zones at once (or individually) and to change volume of any desired zone without switching. I like the idea of easier/faster switching, but I would miss the above dearly. Tap & hold could give volume control back to the zones, but only individually and with extra complexity.

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I have to agree completely! (I didn’t think of it that way.)

For simply switching and transfer I think the current user interface is a bit clunky but as a “zone control center” my idea doesn’t work at all… Perhaps someone can come up with a better design that incorporates both use cases?

So many (too many!) things to consider in an user interface…


Thanks again for your input! You now got me going in the completely opposite direction compared to my original idea!

“Zone Control Center” is the right way to see this and then I think most pieces fall in place:

Click the RoonSpeaker icon => opens the zone control dialog

In the improved zone control dialog I would like to see the following:

  1. A header row with play/pause and/or mute buttons to control all zones at the same time
  2. A clearer selector of which zone that is currently controlled
  3. “Party mode” selection
  4. For each zone: controls for play/pause and track name (as today), crossfade/level settings, radio on/off, “signal path led”, instantly available volume sliders (easy and good visual feedback) and of course the “Transfer to…”

Is there a way to delete / remove Zones ?
I seem to have created a few by accident, but I don’t need them / want them / know what they are !

In Settings…Audio…Untick the “Enable” box next to each Zone that you don’t want…that will prevent them from showing up