Guidance for my Roon build


It’s my first post on this forum. I’ve been using Roon for a couple of years now on a win 7 computer. The win 7 I used have been working ok but suddenly it recognized my old fake-ish school product key to not be valid so I had to get a new win 10. I thought it was time to do a complete change of my set up as well so I bought new mobo, CPU, win 10 and so on that I will upgrade the computer with.
The thing is I will use that computer exclusively for my studio set up and make a separate one with my old cpu and mobo in an old case just for Roon.

Roon on win 7 worked fine but after a couple of days running my OS disk would fill up and I had to restart. I suppose it was the cache that kept growing.
This is something I’d like to avoid in my next machine.

I’ve been reading about ROCK and thought I found the solution there but the more I read the more I understand it’s made for specific NUCs. It would have to be the MOCK alternative then but although I’ll build the computer and such I can’t say I’m that comfortable with either Linux or wich components will work and so on.

The parts I will use for my Roon build are i7 4790 k with Hyper 212 evo cooler, ASUS z97-a mobo, 32 GB ddr3 ram, 250 GB Samsung 850 SSD for OS and Roon and a 4 TB Barracuda for the librarys.

Now to my questions.

I just want this machine to run Roon 24/7 to my Meridian 600 without me having to think about it. Would a MOCK be the way to go or are there any better solution? Roon server?
Does for example Roon OS work as a platform to just install the core on?

I use roon apps on my phone and ipad but
I’d still like to be able to edit my library with alternative album covers, meta data and so on, as I did with Roon core on my computer. How do I reach the core with a ROCK os server set up?

The Barracuda disk is never used and the SSD is wiped with clean erase in ASUS bios. If I try the MOCK route how should I format my disc’s?

I have a Roon back up but I’m prepared for an install from scratch if necessary. I read that there should be a way to recover my Roon back up to a Nuc for ROCK. Any suggestions how to do this the best way and also how to transfer my library folders to my new disc?

I’m glad for any kind of help and suggestions.

Hello, I started with Roon running on my Windows 7 PC. I shut the PC down every night, because it was in the bedroom, and never had it up long enough to have issues. It did work very well. Then I decided to go with the NUC8I7BEH, 16GB memory, M.2 drive for OS and Database, and an internal sata SSD for my music. That setup is overkill, more power than you need for Roon, but seems to work perfectly. It is fast. With the 1.7 upgrade I was surprised that it was down for less than 1 minute start to finish.

First it’s probably useful to clarify a few things about Roon software and the various packages.
ROCK is a package that includes just the (purpose-built) OS and Roon Server. In its turn, Roon Server comprises the Core and the Output functions.

So you would just install ROCK on your hardware, and that will give you a Roon Core and use of the audio hardware. It will be a MOCK system - since your hardware is not an Intel NUC.

Even though the ROCK OS is based on Linux, you don’t need to worry about it, because it’s designed to turn your hardware into a Roon music appliance. Your microwave is probably running Linux as well, and have you ever needed to get comfortable with that?

You will use the Roon apps on your phone and iPad to access and control the Roon Core in the same way as you did when running the Roon Core on your Win 7 computer.

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Can this be done with ROCK?

Of course; ROCK is running a Roon Core.

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Thanks. For some reason, I couldn’t picture a ROCK machine with keyboard and display.

It doesn’t have any peripherals - it’s a Roon server that is controlled over the network from devices running the Roon client or remote packages.

Right. I understood the OP to say that he wants to use the console on the new build to do that editing. Is that possible with ROCK?

He would use the iPad to do the editing. ROCK doesn’t use a keyboard or monitor (except for initial installation of ROCK). In addition, he could also install Roon on his new studio setup, and use it as a Roon client to do the editing on the ROCK Core.

NO, Rock is a headless Roonserver on linux with no gui or way to install anything. It is meant to be an appliance, hence, the NUC. Any variance in hardware is not guaranteed to be supported now or in the future. And that is the chance you take with a MOCK build.

Ok. That explains it. I’ll get the roon software for my new computer and do the editing there then.
I haven’t used the apps for anything else than play back remote though and I can’t remember any editing functions in there. At least not on my phone. I haven’t used the ipad that much since the kids kind of made the ipad theirs… but for what I can remember I haven’t been able to edit there either.
I’m talking about changing verson of albums, album covers, meta data, artist names combine and separate albums and so on.
Right now I don’t have any Roon up and running to check this up.