Guidance please on fixing a tag problem

I’m having trouble obtaining the correct display for the Agerich album of Prokofiev’s Cinderella Suite & Ravel’s La Mere l’Oye.
The current display is:

I tried using Mp3tag but am obviously not going about it the correct way. Where should I go from here?:

Apogies for being a PIA about these issues but the old brain isw finding it challenging to understand the tag problem.

TIA for any help.

In mp3tag click the second icon from the right (looks like a globe) to set the source. thereafter you can use the icon to the left of it to search for tags.

A simple google search for “using mp3tag” will provide a wealth of information.

It may well be that you can’t easily fix this.

You have an identification, with review (therefore probably from Tivo). But the tracks are not grouped into works correctly. This usually means the source metadata at Tivo is incorrect. It’s not to do with your file tags. It’s a relatively common Tivo error, and currently there are no tools to fix it. I have just three suggestions, both of which will likely not help:

  1. Add Genre “Classical”. This has in the past helped me in these cases, but I believe this is no longer as important as before. But worth a try.
  2. Do a manual reidentification. Select the identification you already have. This just serves to make sure all the data has really come down the line, and that there was no problem (red tracks, for example).
  3. The other aspect is what you in your file tags, which is also incorrect. I’m pretty sure this is a co-incidence, because with an identified album like this your Track Title tags are usually completely ignored. But just for the record, you need a colon after the work name, before the part (just like you did in Sooloos). It’s probably a co-incidence that the Tivo metadata also seems to have this error, but please correct it in your tags and do a rescan.

When one gets incomplete metadata, because of red tracks, the file tags for the red tracks are indeed read. But I don’t think this is what’s happening.

In summary. I think Tivo has bad metadata for this album.

Just to add to what Ludwig has said, the errors are probably at source.

I looked for this album on Tidal, and added it to my library as a test. It has at least grouped the Cinderella pieces into one work, but there are still issues with the metadata. The Artist credits have been concatenated into one artist (Martha Argerich/Mikhail Pletnev), and I notice that the performance venue credit shown in your screenshot is missing from mine…

Geoff you have to do a full identification to fix all that. You’re only looking at Tidal metadata, which John doesn’t have access.

Do a Full ID and I predict that yours will look like his.

Well, indeed, almost the same…

I had assumed that Roon would have automatically done a full identification when adding Tidal albums into the library. It appears not.

It never did, or never did correctly. :frowning: I think this usually doesn’t bother non-classical collectors so much because the metadata isn’t usually so complex. That’s the only reason I can think of for this not being fixed. It’s a bit under the radar.

@Ludwig From what I see in the screenshot posted by Geoff following your suggestion to do a full ID, the results are absolutely not like the ones initially posted by John, contrary to your prediction. In fact, they seem to be completely correct.
How can this be explained ?

What Geoff posted is the same as what John posted, except from a different platform. And the metadata is still wrong: tracks 1-9 are one multipart work but are not grouped as such.

Can you explain what you mean?