Guidelines, Rules, or Standards for Closing Thread/Topics

Are there listed guidelines, rules, or standards for closing threads/topics? I have come across many (½ a dozen or so) in the last few days of researching an issue that either are closed several hours (36 after last post in one case), days, weeks, or months since last post.

There are good valid topics with some answers but not all the needed answers that could do well with more conversation on those UNANSWERED portions of the topics but they appear to be randomly closed by admins.

It would seem to make more sense to leave threads open versus needing to create entire new threads for topics/questions already asked.

If there are Guidelines, Rules, or Standards for Closing Thread/Topics posted please point me to them.

Hi @OneEyedHito,

Topics marked as solved are closed by the system 36 hours after the last post …

See this example…

#support topics will close a month after the last reply.

Other topics are closed if Roon has moved on and they are no longer relevant.

A few topics are closed due to the behaviour of those posting.

Forum guidelines are listed here in FAQ.

If you require Roon’s support it’s always best to create a new topic in #support or #support:nucleus-support and complete the proforma template. If it turns out to be a widespread issue affecting many users then Roon may merge with other reports… but it’s best to let the forum admin make that call.

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This is up to Roon and the Admins, Moderators, etc.

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