Gustard A26 DAC Roon Ready?

The info regarding the Gustard A26 DAC seem to imply the unit is Roon Ready, but I can’t find it in the Partner list.
Any updates on this?

If it’s not in the partner list, the info is probably aspirational – they’ve submitted it for testing, but it hasn’t passed yet, or they plan to submit it for certification, or…

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I believe that it downloads Roon Bridge as a software update to achieve compatibility.

Downloading the bridge is a different thing. Roon Ready means the manufacturer has incorporated the Roon SDK for Roon Ready into its software, and that Roon has tested and certified the integration.

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There seems to be an increasing number of devices using Roon Bridge (eg Innuos), which, of course needs no certification process. These will never have ‘Roon Ready’ certification, of course, so Roon endpoint compatibility usually gets a mention somewhere in the marketing blurb. Having said that, they will indeed function as Roon endpoints to an extent that may be sufficient for many use cases.

Can someone please describe how Gustard A26 works with Roon? And how is it different if the device was Roon Ready?

Thank you.

I think it uses RoonBridge, if so, not Roon Ready. It may not matter for single-zone use?

So, I’m treading into dangerous territory here with the following question/comment regarding the Gustard R26 question; so, it’s been established that the R26 is not “Certified” Roon ready however, my R26 works fine with Roon. I guess my question/comment is: What is the advantage of using a DAC, device etc., if Roon recognizes what you throw at it (i.e., Gustard R26)? and while we are on Gustard R26 subject, anyone knows the status of Gustards’ Roon approval?