Gustard U12 with Nucleus?

Anyone using this to convert Nucleus USB out to AES? Will Roon recognize the DAC as the endpoint? (Nucleus → Gustard → DAC)
Would appreciate any comments about sound quality or connection problems.

I have used a Singxer SU1 and AudioByte Hydra Z, both of which work on the same principle. Roon will see and transmit to the U12. It will be oblivious to what is connected to it. So it will configure itself to the maximum capability of the U12 which should then take care of any resampling to get your signal to your DAC in the correct format.

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Interested in one of this to convert USB audio on a device not a computer to spdif. Would it work or is this purely for usb computer audio

It needs to be something with a computing module of some sort, and will act as a sound card. Despite all of the dressing up that is essentially what is happening. What is the device you want to plug it into?

Was thinking of a miniDSP 2x4 HD unit that has usb out or a phono stage with one.

That is a tough one. It looks to me like the USB port is an input so this won’t work with the U12.

It’s says it’s bidirectional in the specs. Maybe that does not mean what I think it does. Infact thinking of it’s likely for setup. Phono stage still stands though. Just looking at a way of using room correction in my analogue stage and get a digital output. I can’t get the PS audio Phono converter cheap enough :slight_smile:

That is intriguing, the only way to find out is to give it a shot then! The PS Audio out to USB is a different matter though I think. I have one! The USB needs to work to a PC with the right software on it. It was never meant to work to a DAC or converter. Mine goes straight into the coaxial input of my DAC.

Did some more googling usb is for input or connecting to pc for setup. Looks like I would need the more expensive 4x10 which has spdif out. So this would do what I want if a little overkill.