Gustard X16 Glitz in audio, display is turning on

First, my setup is:

Mac Mini M1 running Roon Core and sometimes HQ Player…but please look away from this…just Roon. Device is connected to router
Router to ALLO USBridge Signature running GentooPlayer (last 8 months, its bin RoPieeXL, same issue) > Gustard DAC via usb cabel. Upsamling streams to DSD512… exept my library…its playing as is.(Native op to DSD256) Sound is beatyfuld and no harsness…Just sounds great.
DAC have this glitz though, it ain’t loud but its distraction’d display is turning on for 10 sec. This is happening every 60 70 sec, so quite often.
All devices is on Cat6 shielded and have 1G fiber in house. Tried different usb cabel to no awail
Done mailing Gustard support for some suggestions for a firmware update, but didn’t get any answer back, so…
Anybody experience this behavior on yours X16, and have a possible solution, please let me know
Thnks, from Denmark