H120 Roon Ready update, lost the brightness on analogue inputs

@Anders_Ertzeid Question: with the Roon Ready update on the H120, I feel that I lost the brightness on my analogue inputs. I noticed this on a high grade vinyl production of Miles Davis So What compared with the following:

If I recall correctly, my analogue sound was brighter rather than being a little muffled now. Is anyone else noticing anything?

Hm… Haven’t heard any other reports on this and it is rather unlikely as none of the software changes has affected the analog inputs.

Excellent, thank you for responding. Will try some adjustments on my end. I will keep you posted.

Hi Joseph, Have you checked if “brightness” appearing back again if you just disconnect LAN cable from H120?

Well, since I have reported this, I may have had a user error. First, someone tripped my phono stage, I think it was the cleaning lady as she was behind my system recently. However, it could have been me though as I was recent behind there as well. Once I changed my Pro-Ject Phono Box back to MM from MC, most of the issue was corrected.

Then I upgraded from Ortofon Red 2m to Bronze 2M, upgraded my phono stage to a Sutherland KC Vibe. And bought new Dynaudio Emit 30s speakers.

And I am thoroughly pleased with my entry level system. I do have the bug though but this should hold me over for awhile. Hegel sounds amazing with both analogue and Qobuz now! Sorry for not getting in the update and for any miscommunication.

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Besides what is above, here are other details on the system:
Intel NUC8i7BEK running ROCK
Innuos Zen Mini MK3 (music sever)
Pro-ject Debut Carbon Esprit SB (turntable)