H2 find my Tidal playlists in Roon

Hi, I have the Roon Core in my 432Evo streamer, Linux OS/Squeezlite. Roon build 1.6 (build 416) stable (64 bit)

Hi, maybe simple but when I look at my playlists in Roon, I can not see my Tidal playlists! I have read in the Helpfiles/Roon that as long as I make my playlists in Tidal as “Favourites” I should find them in Roon, but I don’t!
I use an IPad. In Tidal I can not find any Favourite settings but as I save my playlists in My Collection with the “heart button” it should be the same as a Favourite. But I can not see my Tidal lists in Roon…Frustrating!

Please help! Toby

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Hi Toby,

In the Playlists Browser, click on My Playlists. Do you have Shared Playlists selected?

Cheers, Greg

Yes it is selected! Do I have to use my PC to make my playlists as Favourites and then be seen in Roon? I use my Ipad now…
/ Toby

Hi Toby,

No, your iPad is fine.

Are you sure that you are logged in to Tidal in Roon? Do you see Tidal after clicking the Hamburger menu at the top left of the screen?

If you are logged in, click on Tidal and then click the circular arrow to sync Roon with Tidal.

See if that helps.

Cheers, Greg

Hi @Torbjorn_Sjoberg,

In addition to Greg’s suggestions, can you confirm whether or not you’re able to see other TIDAL content okay in Roon?

Hi, yes I am logged on to Tidal and nothing changes when refreshing the site.
Please keep on helping, Toby

Hi! Yes I can see everything else; What’s new, Masters, Tidals own playlists etc. and I can search in Tidal. BUT now I noticed that “Your favourites” does not look like my songs! Maybe one and another but the most of them I do not recognise at all,
Thanks, Toby

Greg, any more tips?
Best regards, Toby

Dylan, any more tips?
Best regards, Toby

Hi @Torbjorn_Sjoberg,

When you compare the TIDAL favorites you see in Roon to the TIDAL favorites you see in the TIDAL app or web player, are they different?

Can you try logging out of TIDAL in Roon and logging back in, verifying that you’re using the same credentials as you are using in the TIDAL app?

Solved! Big thanks Dylan! I am sorry and a little embarrased… because it was an old Tidal account synced with Roon. I just had not thought about that…
Great community that can help out…even me :blush:

Happy listening and thanks again! Toby

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