Hack that enables 12V trigger from a Roon Nucleus

I’m sharing a hack on how to set up af 12V trigger signal from a Roon Nucleus using off-the-shelf devices.
I use the Nucleus connected to a Topping E70 Velvet preamp, which in turn is connected to a NAD C 275BEE power amp. The power amp has an idle power consumption of 60W, the same as when it active at the levels I play music, so I thought it worthwhile to get power on/off automated.
To one of the Nucleus USB ports I have connected a Bobwire DAT1 Digital Audio Trigger via a USB to toslink/SPDIF converter. This provides a 12V trigger signal for the preamp, which in turn passes a 12V trigger on the power amp.
The other USB port provides the sound signal to the preamp.
The two USB ports are grouped in Roon. If recently turned off, the whole chain turns on, when I start playing some music. If it has been turned off for a while, I need to press the Roon play button twice. At first attempt, the 12V turns on the chain but “Roon has lost control …” of the preamp, since it was not turned on fast enough, probably from a deeper sleep mode. On a second press of the play button, the preamp has come alive and everything works as expected.
I have submitted a feature request for an easier and cheaper way to have the Roon OS / Nucleus to provide a 12V trigger signal.