HAF convolution : Roon first ! (and HQP after)

I have used HAF convolution through HQP’s “matrix” menu for several months but unable to properly process DSDs.
In the end, I decided to switch the DSDs to PCM via Roon (DSD> 352) before upsampling to PCM 751 or DSD 128.

In fact, the simplest solution is to have the convolution processed by ROON.
I asked Thierry for the correct zip file for Roon’s DSP.
I suppose, the convolution is function of the starting frequency, My Core i5 processes it without problem before HQP can do the upsampling.
I can switch everything to DSD 128 from 44.1 and my DSD64 remains in DSD64 but with application of convolution.
With DSD 128 / ADSM7 / ext2 for all files.
DSD64 > Roon > HQP + conv > DSD 128 >> KO (DSD direct “on”)
DSD64 > Roon + conv > HQP > DSD 64 >> OK (DSD direct “on”)
No more dropouts or crashes.