Half Headless Mode

When I say half-headless mode - I mean there is a screen, but no mouse / keyboard.

The machine is a Mac Mini running Bootcamp so that I can leverage either Microsoft or Apple products. Currently I’m running Windows 7 so that I may access my hardware via ASIO (Mytek DSD 192 DAC).

I have a monitor connected as I prefer to have a screen that shows what is currently playing. My previous solution was using Kodi (formerly XBMC) using a custom skin I wrote that would automatically show full screen when music started. This way if I had any guests they could glance at the screen, see the album cover / song title, bit rate, etc.

I have only been playing with Roon for 10 minutes, and I think I’ve come close but there are a few challenges if you could assist:

Is there a way to launch the app to force it in full screen mode and by full screen I also mean the “now playing” full screen mode. To enter this, I need to click on the “four square” box manually. Once in this mode is seems to stay here but my concern is that I need it automated so in case I need to reboot the box or have a power outage. Is there a command line or an option to do this?

I’m controlling it via a thick Roon app on my Macbook Air in case you are curious how I send music to Roon.

Bonus Question:

Is there a way to resize fonts in the fullscreen album mode? Using a 19" monitor, from about 15’ away, it’s difficult to see some of the text. With Kodi I was able to modify the skin but I’m guessing Roon does not allow that sort of power usage. I’d like to “blow up” the fonts, album art, and possibly even the song position indicator (which I dig…)



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To add to this - the “headless” machine (with a monitor) will frequently lose the album full screen mode.

An option to “force album full screen mode when music is playing” would be helpful.

I get it - the software looks like it is really designed for a touch screen PC. I prefer to lay back in my chair and control it via a thick client on my laptop.

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I love all these suggestions. @brian2 and I will look into it.