Hamilton Original Broadway Cast Album doesn't show up in Roon

It does show up perfectly fine in the Tidal app, but I can’t pull it up at all in the Roon app.

Hi @Mike_Silver ---- Thank you for the report. I just gave this a shot and the content showed up in my search results. Is this the album you are referring to?


Yes I tried it yesterday and couldn’t get it to pull up at all. Now it pulls up instantly. Yesterday I tried “Lin Manuel” and “Hamilton” and “Hamilton broadway” and “Hamilton musical” and it wouldn’t come up. Crazy.

Mike, small thought. How exactly were you pulling up? I was looking for a TIDAL album yesterday. I typed the name in Search, and there was nothing in the drop-down menu. But I hit Enter, the file is found.

Not all of TIDAL is indexed I learned, but it is all searchable. Does this inform your issue? John

I hit enter after each search just to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. Pretty strange how it started working perfectly the day after, but I’ll take it!

Tidal in general has gotten increasingly wonky for me lately. I can’t count the number of times I start a song and Tidal craps out with “This song is no longer available on TIDAL”. It’s very disappointing.