Handel disappeared, apparently merged to Mozart

A few days ago I noticed Handel as a composer does not exist anymore in my database. Instead all compositions of Handel appears a to be written by Mozart. Even if I identify an album once again, it is still Mozart. It looks like the composers are merged.

I’ve not merged this two an actually don’t know how to do this. I argue that it happend during upgrade to 1.6?
Is there a solution I can easily apply.

I’ve Backups. Is it possible going back to 1.5, upgrade again and do a new library analysis?


Do you see this when you do a search? I see something similar but still different.
When I search for Handel and click on ‘view all albums’, I get 50 albums, all are from Handel but I probably have close to 100 albums with Handel music so it only shows half of them. (They are all still there but I can only find them by browsing)
When I search for Mozart, mostly Mozart shows up but also a few pure Beethoven and Chopin albums.
This used to work pretty nicely in 1.5
One thing I noticed is that the result seems to be changing. Just after 1.6 was released, my search for Handel only returned ~20 albums. Now it’s up to ~50 already :slight_smile:
Since 1.6 I don’t use the search anymore. The result screen looks weird (giant album covers) and a lot of the stuff doesn’t seem right.
Hopefully they can fix that again some day.

Correction: When I search for ‘handel’, (verbatim) the result shows ~100 albums.
When I start typing the name, the type ahead result in the search box show ‘George Frideric Handel’. When I click on that, (what I’m used to do) it only returns ~50 albums.
It seems, somehow the meta-data has changed and only half of the albums have the correct name.

The new search currently seems to limit results to 50 albums. That might be what you see. If your albums have “Handel” in the title the funnel filter could be a better option as long as this limit is in place. Or you can use Focus > Composer.

No, it’s not a search problem.
Even in the metadata of each Handel-album Mozart is the composer. On the other hand there is no composer Handel anymore in the composer-list.

What I wrote was intended to help @Dirk_Op_de_Beeck - I’ve no clue what’s causing the problem you’re facing. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Thanks! Not sure if it’s just the search… When I search for “Handel” the search actually returns ~100 albums but not when I pick one of the suggested search values “George Frideric Handel”. In that case I only get ~50 albums.
This one also used to return around 100 albums before 1.6

I don’t see any album in my collection that actually has the composer changed to a complete wrong one. So yeah, they are totally different issues.

Handel is one of my favorite composer, like you, my 250 albums library disappear. But if you look for a Handel album, water music for example, and click on Handel hyperlink, show all my 250 library. Roon need to improve all around classical music: genres, subgres, composers, etc.

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I deleted finally all merges of Handels name (Händel, G. F. Händel…).

Then Mozart disappeared from Handels Music.

I don’t know why this helped. There was no connection Händel -> Mozart.

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