Handel: Water Music + Fireworks Music – Jordi Savall

The anomaly here is that while Roon recognizes the album and correctly identifies the two Water Music suites, under Water Music Suite No. 1 it has two entries for Suite No. 2 and one for Suite No. 3 (see screen grab), while under Water Music Suite No. 2 it has an entry for Suite No. 1. Help!

…my copy shows up with the same errors. The problem may originate with the the Water Music Suites’ publication history. According to the booklet note, while Handel wrote 3 suites, they have frequently been arranged and published as 2: “…the order of the movements is still uncertain, and it is quite licit to make the three suites overlap. Jordi Savall has arranged the movements in two suites…” Clearly, there is a conflict between Savall’s intentions and the provider’s track-level metadata. There may not be an easy fix for this, unfortunately.

How interesting, thank you for that insight. In the light of it, I can live with the status quo.

Hi @Philip_Gibson,

We’ll reach out to our metadata provider about this. Thanks for letting us know!

Thank you, Dylan. Please put this towards the bottom of your list of priorities. I’m really not too worried about it in the light of @wkimbel87’s explanation.