Handling collaboration albums?

Hey all,

I’ve only been using Roon for a month or so now, but really loving how intuitive it is, and the powerful abilities to organize and search your library.

I especially like how easy it makes handling split albums, where it lists the album under both artists automatically.
This is something that I previously had a lot of problems with in iTunes, and it saves me a bunch of time getting everything organized correctly.

However, one thing I’m still wondering about is collaboration albums.
They differ from split albums in the way that instead of having songs from artist A and artist B on one album, they are full albums where all songs are played by both bands at once in a collaborative effort.

Is there a good way to handle that, and getting them to show up on both bands’ lists instead of having a separate artist entry entirely like ‘Band A / Band B’?

Would love to hear if there is a way to do this, or if not, how you people would sort these kinds of albums.