Handling expired payment info

Just a quick tip (bug report?) for support: my Roon subscription just got cancelled because payment info wasn’t up to date. Fixing it was a matter of seconds. But “update payment info” didn’t work, I had to resubscribe.

Also, to make the process much smoother, I suggest sending an email reminding users of their credit card being outdated in advance, to avoid the hiccup.

Paging @beka. If this is really the case, would resubscribing not invalidate one’s Roon database? This would seem like something to be avoided very much

It does not. You own your database files. The subscription just gives access the Roon software. It’s just that, without the Roon software, the database files are useless.
And indeed I did not lose my database, so, nothing to worry about here.

I just thought a reminder if a payment is due soon and the credit card is expired would be nice.

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Good. I thought because you can’t restore a backup to a different account either, so “owning” is limited, and I understood that you had to resubscribe under a different account

Databases are tied to accounts. You could not restore and use my database for example., unless you logged in as me.

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Hey @Leon_Reich,

Thanks a lot for taking a moment to let us know of your experience when renewing your subscription. It helps us more than you know to hear about it.

At least part of what you have experienced is actually expected: if your subscription is set to auto-renew on your account page, our system will automatically attempt to renew it when it ends. If, for whatever reason, that is not possible, your access to Roon ends and you receive an email letting you know of the failed attempt.

Once on the account page, updating an expired payment method and restarting your subscription are actually two separate actions. The first one is updating your card, and the second one is resubscribing. This seems to have worked for you as intended.

Thanks for letting us know it’d help to get a reminder to update a no longer functioning payment method. Depending on your bank, this update is automatic, most of the time, but, sometimes it does require your input.

We appreciate you continuing to use Roon to enjoy music :smiling_face:


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