Handling of Apostrophes in Roon's metadata

There are two Unicode characters for apostrophe (U+0027 and U+2019) and I find Roon uses both in its metadata. The end result is this:

Joe's Garage (U+0027)
Joe’s Garage (U+2019)

Which causes performers, composers, track titles etc. to mismatch and Roon then fails to assign associated metadata and group performances of track by the same composer. Please implement a search/replace filter to standardise existing and newly ingested metadata (presumably to U+0027).

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Try being called O’Neill :grin:

VB comments have lot to answer form

Hi @evand,

I’m going to get this over to the team for further investigation and tracking. I was hoping you might be able to provide an example (with screenshots in Roon) of this so the team can better understand the issue.

Just to be clear — This is data coming from Roon’s metadata sources and not file tags, correct?


Correct, there are instances of (U+2019) in Roon’s metadata sources. I know there are none in mine because I’ve ingested all tags from all files into a table and run a search which comes up empty.

I’ll have to keep an eye out in Roon - I’ve not kept track when encountering them.

Track artists:




Thanks @evand — I’ll get this over to the team for further investigation.

@dylan, these were examples only to illustrate. There must be 1000’s of instances in Roon’s metadata cloud.

Hi @evand,

I looked into the data we have for some of these examples, and I’m not seeing multiple instances of the album with different characters that are causing an issue. So I can better present this to the team, can you share some screenshots in Roon of an example where the different characters are preventing items from being matched?


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