Handling of non-existing album tracks from Tidal & Qobuz

Evermore in the last time Qobuz and especially Tidal do not offer all tracks in a selected album (either with licencing or technical challenges).

While the feature in Roon indicating tracks as Non available exits this feature will not help if Tidal is offering e.g. album tracks 1,2,5,6 only. Roon will import 4 tracks and report no issue, even if tracks 3 & 4 are missing. As an album focused listener is there a change that Room is indicating in such case that 2 tracks are missing? This is particularly annoying if the album has penty of tracks (e.g. Box-sets) and a number of single tracks are ommited when referenced to.

Must be a regional thing. All the tracks are available here in USA on both Tidal and Qobuz.

Perhaps not quite what you’re looking for but it may help …

Album browser → Focus → Inspector → Contiguous Tracks.

Then invert the selection, so it displays albums with missing tracks.

As far as the region is concerned - Europe. There might be in fact different tracks available in a specific album depending on which Continent/country you are located. The circumstance of missing tracks in Tidal/Qobuz and then ultimately in Roon of an album occurs relatively often in Europe.

Regarding the use of focus/inspector. In fact I am not specifically looking for albums with missing tracks.

The ambition is to have Roon telling the listener that the selected (at this point) album has missing tracks as described above. I was hoping when Roon analyzes an album the missing tracks will be detected and this information can be further used in the sense of telling listeners that tracks are missing; like Roon is then indicating the audio format after the analysis.