Happened again (Destroyed my Queue)

Inadvertently hit the “Play Now” button instead of “Add Next.” Should be no great harm in that–but it did. I won’t exaggerate; I’d spent a few minutes building up some stuff to listen to tonight. Now I have to start over again.

I see no justification for this behavior than I did a year ago. Only thing that makes any sense is, “it’s because we’ve always done it that way.”


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Different people have different behaviors. I very rarely use the queue. I most often want to listen to an album now.
In the case of listening to new music I will often listen to half an album, decide it’s not for me and want to listen to something else. The play now does that. The alternative would be to go into the queue, clear the queue and then add the album to the queue. That would be super frustrating if that’s how you used Roon.

Why did you not immediately hit the UNDO option that appears just above the playing now bar at the bottom ? This was added for just such occasions.

FWIW it isn’t actually the way it was always done.

Have you read the thread about one click play :wink:

What! I’ve stumbled over this ‘problem’ of deleting the queue accidently a number of times and have silently cursed roon (and myself). And all the time the solution was in plain view. I knew I was getting old…

Thank you


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Sometimes you just have to take it on the chin, sit back with a drink in hand and build a new play queue and admire the newly found feature.


Because I didn’t know about it–thanks. That helps.

Interesting. That was I took away from the discussion the last time I brought this up, in February 2016, shortly after the release of 1.1. Was it different in 1.0?