Happy 2nd Birthday Roon!

I believe today is the second anniversary of the initial public release of Roon 1.0, so congratulations to the whole Roon team on the continued growth and development of this excellent platform for music engagement.

Roon has certainly changed the way I interact with music in my collection and has undeniably deepened my engagement. I have again made listening a priority in my life, largely due to the joy of using Roon, and for that I am grateful.

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Thanks @JWC!

2 years have flown by so fast!


Yes indeed, well done to the Roonies. A fabulous product that just keeps getting better. Today the streamers tomorrow…more streamers…

Happy Birthday!! :birthday:

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Sooloos already changed the way I interact with my music, and then Roon showed how much further we could go.

Happy 2nd Birthday Roon! After fooling around with Amarra and Pure Music, Roon blows them all away with their great design and implementation!

Very happy to be a Roon Customer even though it’s not even 90 days yet:wink: