Happy Christmas one and all

Happy Christmas to everyone at Roon, I speculated last January and Roon has transformed my listening experience, so much so that my trusty Naim CD555 has been sold on to a new home.

And to all users of Roon who I’ve met on this forum, especially on the music threads, I hope Santa is good to you all.

See you all in the New Year when hopefully we have 1.3 to play with!



Thanks John, happy Christmas to you and your loved ones too! I too would like to thank the Roon team for transforming my listening experience and am looking forward to 1.3 :grinning:


Merry Christmas to you John, as well as the entire Roon team, and fellow Roon users. Roon has helped make my music listening in 2016 most enjoyable, and I’m looking forward to further updates and new Roon features in 2017.

A safe and happy holiday season to all.:relaxed:

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Nice thread. Happy Christmas to all the Roonies. I’m about a year in and Roon really has transformed the way I listen to music. Even my wife who rolls her eyes at my audiophilia stated "This Roon thing is fantastic ! - high praise indeed

Amazing product, great community, fantastic support, and the “what are you listening to” thread (thanks John) is my “go to” source for new music !

I am a fairly new member but everybody on the forum seems helpful.Merry Christmas everyone and I hope Santa is kind to you all.

Same here! Enjoy the jolly days with Roon! :slight_smile: