Happy First Birthday Roon Community Site!

Hi All,

We’re heading into the first anniversary of the release of Roon, but the Community Site went live on 8 April 2015 so I thought I’d get in first with some thank yous and congratulations about this site.

Firstly, thank you @mike. There’s very little on this site that hasn’t been either built, supported or influenced by you. You and @vova continue to provide the best IT product support I’ve ever seen.

Thank you also to the other devs who regularly post here. It’s rare and exciting to have such a hands on and accountable involvement by developers. Whether learning something from @brian, getting the straight dope from @danny, solving issues courtesy of @vova, @kevin or @jeremiah or giving feedback to @brian2 it’s always interesting to see an (abstracted) jellyfish on the forum.

And to everyone else, thank you and congratulations. This forum is formed from many contributions. My fellow moderators (@carl and @ncpl) and a really strong group of leaders, regulars, testers and knowledge base editors. I can’t name you all so I’ll just mention one as representative of the community spirit; thanks Daniel (@rugby) for providing me with assistance when I first installed Roon and inspiring me to pay it forward.

To everyone who has commented or posted, thank you too. You have informed, amused and intrigued me. Sometimes puzzled or bewildered but you’ve also shown me a hell of a lot of music, which more than cancels out.

So Happy Birthday to Us and looking forward to the second year of the Roon Community Forum !


It’s amazing what Roon has been able to accomplish in a year!

Is it Roon’s official birthday yet?

It would be great to hear how the team found year 1 - the trials and tribulations of a new startup, funny/scary moments along the way, happiest day, most frustrating day, insights into development of Roon, Roon Ready, RAAT,Linux, iOS, etc etc and life behind the scenes - anything that can be shared, I’m sure many would love to hear.

I remember reading Danny’s initial blog post and it was a really nice insight. Perhaps there are more blog posts to come?

I ordered on day one – my welcome mail is dated 5/12.

So I guess we missed the official birthday. :slight_smile:

Oh s**t! Well, its probably not really my place to say but in that case I’ll say it anyway!


Congratulations and here’s to a wonderful and successful second year!