Hard drive failure on Nucleus

I have received two Nucleus in a row with bad hard drives. How big an issue is this? Have others experienced this? (let me know) Does Roon Labs have a corrective action response / action plan for this? Or are they just shipping them out untested and hoping for the best?

A suggested solution (by Magnolia Store / Best Buy / Best Buy Premium Services Group is to forget the the Nucleus and just add a dedicated laptop as a core.

Thoughts from the support group?


I’m running Nucleus on a home network hardwired with ethernet cables. Music is stored on a NAS drive.

I’d also be interested in hearing peoples opinions about Nucleus reliability and responsiveness from Roon Labs with issues like this. Thanks.

Just buy the parts and DIY an Intel NUC, running ROCK, for 1/3 the price.


Never owned a Nucleus. But I’m using a 2017 MacBook Air here as Roon core. And it doubles as music player in the living room. Can remotely login from my M1 MacBook Pro through display sharing to perform maintenance on it. Music is stored on an external USB hard drive. Accessing Roon either through my MacBook Pro or using my smartphone as a remote.

It runs solid as a rock.

NVMe SSD failures are rare. What make/model ships with Nucleus? Also, if a customer replaces the boot drive themselves, where do they get the installation image? I assume the Nucleus image is different from the one provided for ROCK.

Hi @Ronald_Kalvaitis ,

Sorry to hear about the Nucleus SSD issues. Our RMA team is working with your dealer to service the unit, thank you.

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