Hardware and Network Configuration Comparisons

Hello All,

I am always in constant amusement of how many different hardware configurations and OS platforms that you can apply to Roon.

This system is so open to so many different configurations that it can be so mind boggling especially to the new comers.

I was wondering if there could be some simple standard form format to list someones Hardware and Network setup in a simple to understand layout.

This would be benifical to not only newbies, but for tinkerers and also last but not least for the support side of things.

I would imagine that there are some that have hardware lying around that could be applied and do not even know it.

I know for me reading this forum for a month I figured out that my Roon experience became much smoother when I move my collection to an external hard drive connected to my Core Server vs accessing it from my NAS.

Maybe there is something like this somewhere here but I have not come across it,


Maybe this might not be possible…

I could imagine that such an overview has so many variables, that the purpose of covering all kinds of setups in an easy way will become very complicated and might scare away potential users (especially those, who are not that much technically adept).
But maybe I am wrong on this. :wink:

https://roonlabs.com/howroonworks.html summarizes it nicely except it makes no mention of Roon Bridge.

Roon bridge is the deal maker for me…syncing between different dacs and the like using bridge on a macmini or Pi (to lazy to build) just works beautifully. I have 4 systems and I pretty much go anywhere in the house and have insync music as and where I have it setup…beats the apple airplay results hands down.

props to RAAT for this I guess.

BUT try not to post process in an AVR DSP or room correction system or you might get a delayed sync