Hardware choice: is PowerEdge a weird idea?

Looking at high-end hardware choices, for running a Linux server. I have a big isolated basement with CAT7 going into it.

For €3205 incl VAT I can get a Dell PowerEdge R230 with Skylake XEON, 16Gb RAM, 16Tb 7200 discs, hardware RAID6.

For €3653 incl VAT I can get QNAP TVS-871T-i7-16G Thunderbolt 10GBit 8-Bay NAS Server Bundle mit 4x 4TB WD Red 5400U. (The i7 is previous gen, not Skylake.)

They both have the same clock speed, but I’m fairly sure the Xeon will be faster (although I’m not quite sure how to compare apple and oranges here). The Dell discs are spinning faster. The Dell is cheaper. Purely incidentally the rack-mount form factor suits me.

Is the Dell option actually better value? Or am I missing something here?

I would think Dell should always beat QNAP on price.

Anyways, those would both be kickass for Roon. The PowerEdge is going to be more DIY, where as the QNAP is more turn-key.

How good is your Linux experience/knowledge?

Btw, I’d think much of the custom install market would get those PowerEdges or those QNAPs. Both work.

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Dell PowerEdge is fine. I use a Dell PowerEdge T630 with 2x Intel Xeon E5-2630L v3 @ 1.80 GHz 8 core CPUs and 32 GB for running RoonServer, however not Linux but Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials. RoonServer runs directly under Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials, other applications (eg. Logitech Media Server, Plex Media Server, MusicIP, Air Video Server, Universal Media Server, Image Bank Server, DBPowerAmp) run virtualized unter VMWare Workstation Prof. Having a powerful server is great!