Hardware for ROCK

Hi! I’m going to buy a NUC to install ROCK, but I have some doubts:
Should it always be on 24/7?
Must have a monitor attached?
Thanks for the help.

Always on? No.
Monitor attached? Only during the install phase. All else can be done from a web page and Roon app on a tablet.

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I leave mine on 24/7, but I don’t think it needs to be. Others may have different use patterns.

You definitely don’t need to have it connected to a monitor after initial setup. Once it’s installed and up and running with a network connection, a monitor adds little to the equation. Just check in as necessary from another computer, tablet, or phone that’s on the same network. I found that it’s easier to find the ROCK on the network if you use the option to assign a static IP address after you first find the ROCK on your network.

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The NUC and related Nucleus has an on-off switch that kills the OS gracefully when used. There are no downsides to switching off, it is almost entirely a personal choice. Mine stays on, it is in my listening space, is passively cooled with an SSD for music storage and stays up for weeks between enforced restarts or reboots. The main reason is that even though I am the sole user, I have places in different parts of the house so going upstairs to switch the device on or off when I want to listen downstairs is a pain.

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Hello and welcome to the Roon community.

You can leave the NUC on 24/7 and ready to go at a moments notice, or not. Its up to you. I have my NUC always on and my Roon Ready speaker system is always on (no power on/off button) so I can have the music going instantly without any preparation.

You don’t need a monitor attached after the initial build/setup is complete. However, it is convenient to be able to see the boot screen on occasions. I use the HDMI out from my NUC to A/V receiver in one zone for Multi-channel playback. The receiver is connected to my TV so the boot screen is shown there when I have a need to see it.