Hardware recommendations

I keep getting asked what hardware I run Roon on, and although everyone on our team has a ton of hardware to test on, there seems to be a few favorites:

  • the HP Envy Recline 23 (around $1200)
    • this PC is not only pretty, but because it can recline all the way, you can use it on a table, or on a desk, or next to your stereo rack, etc…
    • it also has a great quality touchscreen, and Roon running full screen on its big display is stunning. If you come from the Sooloos world, this PC is what the Control15 should look like if it was redesigned. I love it, my wife loves it!
  • Google Nexus 9 ($399)
    • this Android tablet from Google is one of the best tablets out there. Super fast CPU, great GPU, lots of Ram. It runs Roon spectacularly.
  • always has the latest Android software. This is not true with any of the other hardware manufacturers for Android tablets. this is super important because the release of Android 5.1 was a HUGE performance increase over anything before that. For this reason alone, I never buy non-Nexus Google Android tablets.
  • Surface 3 ($499) and Surface 3 Pro ($799+)
  • a few people have these tablets running Roon, and they are all happy with the results.
  • good build quality, as hardware from Microsoft always is.
  • These are full on Widows PCs, no compromises, and are useful for much more than just Roon

I’ll edit later for headless recommendations … stay tuned.

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I know that this isn’t the most straightforward question. I am looking to build a music PC in a silent chassis (probably HDPLEX) that supports mini-ITX size mobo. I have a music collection of FLAC that I think is fairly big at around 4TB. I wonder if you have any mobo/CPU suggestions here? I would like the Roon experience to be smooth and responsive. Thanks!

Just a quick vote for Google’s Nexus 9. Got one as a remote and I’d recommend it too!

I this also where you have the your music library stored or do you have a NAS?

Would be great to see your thoughts on this. I’m helping a friend put together a system and I’m wondering what would be most low maintenance so any starting points would be good. I’ll start a new thread.

Hi @Danny

With Headless Roon on the horizon, is there a suggested hard spec yet?
(Sorry if I have missed this elsewhere)

if you guys are interested in headless, why dont you run server motherboard with xeon processors.

Supermicro make some really good server grade motherboards, some have HD graphics others do not.


thats the motherboard i use for my control pc. it has a 3.4ghz xeon cpu in it. i use a streacom FC10 case with the heat pipe riser system. no HD graphics on that so im desperately waiting for headless roon to come out.

Any updates?