Hardware Remote Rasperry PI with Hardware button and encoder . DIY

Hi Everyone,

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thanks to @Nicolas_Will and @CrystalGipsy)

I’m reaching out to this amazing community for some help with a project I’m working on. I would like to create a very simple remote for my room based on a Raspberry Pi with basic transport buttons and eventually a rotary encoder to adjust the volume. I am looking for someone who has experience with Raspberry Pi, Node.js, and the Roon API to create a custom hardware interface for music control. There’s no need to be an “endpoint with audio” as I use other devices for that purpose.

I need someone who can integrate physical buttons and a rotary encoder with the Raspberry Pi GPIO to control music playback through the Roon API. The task involves designing and implementing a hardware interface using push buttons and a rotary encoder connected to the Raspberry Pi GPIO pins.

I have installed Node.js, the Roon API, and am working on a Raspberry Pi 4B. My GPIO is functioning properly (just testing) Each part seems to work independently (almost). I was even able to get my Raspberry Pi to be “detected” by my Roon. However, creating an entire software solution is a different story altogether.

I know it’s not that difficult, but I lack the skills to make it work fully. Basically:

Hardware Components:

  • Push buttons for play/stop, forward, and backward functions
  • A rotary encoder for volume control

Software Components:

  • Node.js application utilizing the Roon API for handling music playback
  • GPIO interface in Node.js to read inputs from the hardware components (I think)

If you or anyone you know has the skills and interest, please PM me (to discuss every aspect of the job in detail). Any recommendations are also greatly appreciated.
Of course this is a project fully for personal use

Thank you!