Hardware volume keys no longer works pixel 4 Android 12 on lock screen or in BG

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Title says it all really, hardware controls no longer control Roon when its on the lock screen or in bg at all.

Pixel 5, Android 12 with same issue.

This is a Google/Android 12 problem, roon can’t do anything about it…

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I was using my phone all the time (OnePlus 9 Pro running Android 12 since Dec) but realised I probably don’t use the volume buttons anymore as I normally have a Nuimo remote close to hand.

I will try (and probably fail) at this when I return home in a couple of days.

Is this documented, is it the issue to do with Googles infringing on the Sonos patent? I thought that was for Chromecasts only? But having just tried it with other apps your right it doesnt work with them either.

No, it is a general issue, they disabled the ‘cast volume controls’ feature at all. According to some newer articles, for example this one: https://www.xda-developers.com/cast-volume-controls-re-enabled-pixel-phones-january-2022-update/, this feature should be re-enabled with the January update. I do have this update on my Pixel5, but this feature still does not work in my case. So, don’t know if this is really true or not…

The article you linked is about the introduction of the config_volumeAdjustmentForRemoteGroupSessions flag, which every article I’ve read about this (for example this one) clearly write that this feature is intentionally blocked for Google Pixel phones. Other manufacturers may use it (and risk to be sued too or just pay for its usage) or might block it too (to be on the save side or avoid additional payments) but nobody seems to know for now as no other manufacturer has released new firmware (still in development I think).

Our of curiosity I just got home and turned some music on and then tried pressing the hardware volume buttons while in Roon (OnePlus 9pro) and it works perfectly.

I am on the Jan update which seems to be an issue with Google and specifically the Pixel 6 at the moment.

Hi Michael,
it makes a difference if the app runs in foreground or in background. Does it still work with roon in background or from lock screen?

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Boris thanks for that clarification and no it doesn’t work work outside the app, though I normally use my Nuimo remote for volume, so it’s only when putting music on that I use the Roon volume buttons.

Let’s hope it is fixed, though not in the Jan fix as far as I can see.

Roon has unfortunately ignored this issue since being made aware of it last December.

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