Hardwire Nucleus Ethernet output to Roon Ready Device

How do I output nucleus signal to a Roon ready device with only Ethernet port? Want to hardwire to integrated amplifier.

Connect the Roon Ready amplifier to the same network as the Nucleus, i.e. by connecting both to your router or switch, then go to Settings > Audio to enable the new device.

Hi @Mac_Finney

Martin is correct — Connecting them both to the same network should allow the device to appear in Settings > Audio where it can be enabled and settings can be adjusted. If you have any questions about this process please let us know!

I guess what I was asking is, if nucleus is hardwired to amplifier via Ethernet cable, will there be an improvement in sound quality. Thx

Not sure that would work. If it is possible, a crossover Ethernet cable may be needed to make it work.

The Nucleus needs access to the Internet so has to be connected to your router. A crossover cable will not help.

Connecting the amplifier to Ethernet is the preferred method because PCs can be noisy devices. However, the Nucleus is designed to operate in your listening room.

Only you can decide if this sounds better, and to test is simply connecting an Ethernet cable between your router and the CX81.

Your thoughts on daisy chaining a 2nd switch effectively isolating the nucleus+ and giving me the extra ethernet port I’m looking for to connect nucleus directly to amplifier?

well, if you put in a 2nd switch you wouldn’t be isolating anything once you connect the switch to the network.

Thanks for responding again. However, daisy chaining a 2nd switch would give me that extra ethernet port to connect nucleus by Ethernet cable directly to amplifier correct? Possibly resulting in even better sound quality? How would that diagram look?

well, if I understand things correctly with switches… technically the second switch would introduce a small amount of latency to the network. I doubt the difference would be noticable. But there have been long heated debates about this.

Your best bet is to have 2 home runs back to the main switch. i think. :thinking:

The Nucleus must be connected to your router. If you only have a single Ethernet cable near your Nucleus and the CX81 then adding a switch will help.

However, this will have zero impact on sound since this concerns digital signal transmission not audio. Also, note that RAAT is asynchronous so timing is unaffected.

If you’re looking for a switch, the GS105 is all you need.

                   —- Nucleus
Router —- Switch —|
                   —- CX81
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