Harman and Roon 1.8 future

First of all, congratulations on the acquisition. You guys have built a world class product and deserve all of the success that comes to you.

As you know some of us stayed on version 1.18 because we wanted 24/7 access even without an internet connection.

Will this change impact our continued ability to use 1.8 or our memberships?

I think you mean Roon 1.8. Personally, I doubt that Roon 1.8 will last forever, regardless. Roon will probably become so far removed from 1.8 that it will no longer work. That’s just my speculation, of course. That said, Audirvana 3.5 continues to work, so who knows?

EDIT: Roon have not announced any plans.

Yup. 1.8. Just wondering if there is any immediate plans.

What exactly, other than FUD, makes you think that the statement regarding 1.8 could change due to the acquisition?

We know that as long as management staff stays the same there‘s a strong opinion about how things are handled at Roon.
We also know that they‘re not exactly outspoken about any undertakings and timelines, so your post has most likely crossed the event horizon already…

Maybe it helps to re-read the article in the help Pages to soothe your anxiety, where it is written (my italics)…

Please, note that Roon 1.8 won’t be supported forever.
For how long can I use 1.8?
Roon will provide ongoing support for 1.8 installation for some time after the release of 2.0, depending on the Roon 2.0 adoption rates. However, if you are more comfortable using Roon 1.8, you can always continue to run it on your own after the official support period ends.

And, there’s really no reason to ask anything about Roon at this point. Nobody knows anything. We just have to wait and see.

Marin, thank you for sharing your thoughts on what we already know. The purpose of the question is to see if they can share any other insights that we don’t already know. Lay off the cappuccinos, have a nice chamomile tea, sit back, relax, and let the good folk at Roon respond or not. No harm in asking. :slight_smile:


Version 1.8 was always a bit of a issue. A software company like Roon is developing and adding to it’s offering according to a “Road Map” that only they know . Maintaining a fall back version is always a bit iffy as any progress on V2.0 will have to be retrofitted to 1.8 , eventually some tech (like Net Core versions etc) used in 2.0 will break 1.8 and it will ultimately stagnate. That was predicted right from the start of the split. Roon have never declared how long 1.8 will exist (AFAIK)

Check out how Audirvana did it , I would put money on the Origin version is just the Studio version with bits rendered inactive, so as to keep version control easier.

The Harman deal has thrown another spanner in the works. Watch this space.