Harmony Roon extension vs. Flirc

What is the advantage, if any, of using the Roon Harmony remote extension instead of Flirc with a harmony remote with all the Roon keyboard shortcuts mapped?

Maybe the reverse functionality?! :thinking:
I love it when my receiver turns on and selects the correct input, by just tapping the play button in the roon remote!

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That’s interesting. Anything else?
I just wonder if the effort of installing the extension is worth it. To me the whole process of adding an extension to Roon is semi-incomprehensible… once words like ‘github’ appear I feel the fog descending on my brain…

Haha yeah I know what you mean …
I’ve installed it on my qnap NAS what felt really straightforward, as it was more or less self installing … (pretty clear documentation on github)
I mean, give it a shot. If the install process isn’t for you, you know which way to go.
And if it will work, you can test it … :wink:

Radio presets can be programmed using Deep Harmony.

I have an old 2012 mini computer that I installed Mint version of Linux on and installed the Docker package. Nothing else runs on the machine, no risk to my audio environment/setup.

Amazon Alexa integration is also supported. It’s nice to be able to say ‘Alexa fast-forward stereo’ or ‘Alexa pause stereo’.

I also have a Flirc but haven’t used it for years. I run Roon on a dedicated Linux machine.

Thing is I did install the extension once - it felt like I was trying to eat Chinese using chopsticks with my left foot but at the end of it I had the extension visible in Roon. But I didn’t have the remote then… so I happily ordered one, which has now arrived, but the extension is not there anymore! SO just by reading about it Flirc seems easier to setup and once everything is mapped provide pretty much the same functionality - or not?

@DanMtsn I have not yet used Flirc for roon yet but I think if you are just looking for the ability to control (play, pause, skip, volume up & down …) your roon zone by a remote control, I think Flirc will do the job?!

@Larry_Post It’s the first time I read about Alexa integration. Do you have a link for me …

No, it’s fussy as all Amazon integrations are to setup. Harmony has a gadget for Alexa, once Harmony can control Roon via the extension, Alexa can control Roon.

The main problem I encounter with Alexa is there is apparently no list of what commands are supported…

Oh yeah I see … makes totally sense! Thank you very much!!!