Harness Your Hopes

Maybe we should be happier that Roon Radio doesn’t work very well…


I’m going to get that algorhythm - and me singing in the shower will become the hit I always knew it would be…

Here is a top 50 of the UK’s most formulaic “landfill” indie songs.

Seed roon radio with one of them and see what you get. I seeded with the No. 1 from Fratalis. I couldn’t take more than half a dozen but roon radio really did impressively stay in a landfill vibe. Ugh.

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34: “She’s Attracted To” – Young Knives

This track is hilarious, and the editorial under the YT link summarises it very well

“… he said I was a terrorist!..”

“You were screaming at your mum, and I was punching your dad”

Very hit and (more) miss band, but when they were good, they were very, very …