Has anybody figured out a way to improve AirPlay playback reliability?

Roon on NAS works wonderfully for me, with the exception of long playlists that I play over AirPlay, where playback frequently stops after each song. Doesn’t happen when playing to non-AirPlay endpoints. Anecdotally, it does seem to happen when formats change between songs. I’ve seen this reported elsewhere (roon airplay stops after each song - Google Search). Just wondering if anyone has found a trick to fix this yet. Thanks.

I would be curious to see your DSM Task manager when this is happening…

You mean in resource monitor? Nothing special is going on - lots of resources free, nothing different that Roon in its non-playing state. Plenty of RAM no swap in use. Here’s a screenshot with Roon in that state:

How about your NAS (hardware config)?

See Shuffled Queue across multiple formats experiences frequent stops playing back over AirPlay