Has Anyone Explored Institutional Implementation of Roon--for a school/public library?

Has anyone at Roon worked with a school or institution about deploying the system in that setting? I am a music librarian interested in making a substantial CD collection (about 10k) available in a streaming format. There are a host of legal and logistical issues that come up for this situation, of course. For example–can you limit a user to only streaming, not downloading; can you limit streams to only one at a time for each track/user (complying with DMCA rules that you can only circulate the number of copies you own); can you limit users to use only their own personal device for playback (eg, phone) but allow admins to control a hifi listening station “zone”?

It would seem these features could be integrated into the Roon platform–have they already?

Schools and public libraries have to be very careful to navigate the difficult issues of digital distribution and comply with copyright law, but it seems that Roon could work as it is a controlled ecosystem.

I would love to make our collection accessible to a large group of mostly young people who don’t know how to “operate a CD”, and keep the CDs from going into a dumpster. And of course, do do it legally.

Any thoughts?

At this time, there is no security by profile. So, any user of Roon can delete anything if they wanted to, or, make other changes, and can download anything that is in the system via the export function.

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