Has anyone HAD to restore a DB backup?

HI all - has anyone lost their DB and had to do a restore? What caused it? And how did you know it was gone?

(Trying to prevent a loss of my own.)

Nope. Only had to restore when moving core from one computer to another.

I had to restore once from an earlier backup when my DB got somewhat corrupted while testing a new feature for Roon (we had been warned this could happen). Restore worked perfectly.

Yes - Roon wouldn’t open and popped a message that I had to restore from a backup. It wasn’t very exciting :frowning:

Yep, I had to do a reinstall too. It worked perfectly, except was out of date from the last backup.
No idea what caused RoonServer to crash. It runs on its own computer.
Moral, back up often. It’s painless.

Yes I have had to use my backups when my NUC died. While it was replaced I restored my core to my desktop PC and then again when the replacement NUC arrived. It all worked really well, no problem. I backup overnight every 24 hours to a local NAS, dropbox and then the local HDD which is connected to the NUC, just to be sure!!