Has anyone installed ROCK on an old Mac? Is it even possible?

Just curious. I’m running my core on an older MacBook Pro and it runs okay, but if I could repurpose it exclusively for ROCK, it seems like I might see a performance boost. I have a fairly modest library stored on an SSD NAS so that shouldn’t be the bottleneck. The laptop has an SSD too. Any thoughts?

Look at “Running ROCK on an old desktop” for something comparable. I found no difference in performance once boot was done, and Danny said that no boost should be expected.

no audio performance, but you’ll see massive boost in interactivity performance.

that said, i very much doubt itll work on a mac.

Hmmm. I know how to install Linux on the Mac, and I have a backup so maybe I’ll give it a shot. For science.

The mac boots EFI no? ROCK lacks EFI support, but maybe there is a way to avoid that issue on the Mac side. There is no way power management stuff works, and ethernet will be hit or miss… wifi working would be surprising…

Do let me know how it goes.

I will be shocked if it does. I should know as soon as I try to boot with an etcher image.

I tried today, wanted to make use if an old MacMini with a Core2Duo and SSD, but i failed miserably. Didnt even persuade the Mac to try and boot from the USB stick.
I didnt put much effort into it though! :slight_smile:

I think you just answered my question. Thanks for trying.

I tried an MSI cubi NUC like device and gave up too…NUC7i7BNH no sweat