Has anyone noticed shorter reconnect times with 1.3 and the iPad

Has anyone noticed shorter reconnect times with 1.3 and the iPad?

And now I don’t get the reconnecting message, but only the “Roon Animated Logo”?


Yes…iph too…I was going to mention it but thought I might wait it out and see if anyone updated in the bugs lists that were fixed…certainly better than it was :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, it does seem better.

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Much quicker on 1.3 Reconnect time is now only a second or two. Quite happy with how much faster the iPad app is.

we put a lot of work into this… thanks guys!


Great job, noticeable improvement on all my iOS devices.

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Nice, it seems a bit snappier on my iPad Mini.

I’m afraid this is much worse for me. I loose coonection from my iPad frequently (a few times an album) Then it takes ages to reconnect. Rarely had this before unless I moved around the house. Exiting Roon on the iPad and restarting it usually does not resolve the problem. Best way to get it to reconnect is to start Roon on another iPad. It comes back almost immediately when I do that.

Core is on a sonictransporter i5. 20000 track library. This is still the case with build 196.

@philr, What router are you using?

Yes, although it always reconnected within <2s in 1.2 (which never bothered me at all, as in quick enough) it’s almost instantaneous now. Great job!

The only thing that I would surely appreciate is if Roon would remember the page I was on when browsing my albums list. Now it always defaults back to page 1 after a reconnect.

It’s a linksys RE6500. It’s setup as a wifi receiver and wifi extender from my AT&T wireless router. Sonictransporter is connected by Ethernet to the linksys router.

this happens when playing from local files or when streaming Tidal the later is streamed by wifi from the At&T router. iPad is only 12 feet from the linksys router when this has been happening.

Has anyone noticed how much better this version sounds?..Much more body to the Music, More natural presentation, Sound stage better organized, better bass. More information,… I am listening mostly to Tidal MQA files,…but the improvement in sound is there with 44.1/16 bit files as well…

Well this is getting worse. @danny. Tried rebooting everything. Sonictransporter routers and iPads and that did not help.

Now cannot even pull up my version of the Messiah. Just get a message saying loading album. I’ve tried a number of other Multidisc albums and they come up OK.

Still getting pretty regular disconnects and reconnects can take quite a while. The second iPad trick helps sometimes and not others.

Any ideas what is going on and what else I can try to resolve this?

If you have more than one wifi ap in the house try to see from your router admin status etc what clients are connected which ap, maybe you are locked on an ap in another part of the house with a weaker signal?